Consulting for entrepreneurs always at eye level

RSM DPI AG has spoken the language of small and medium-sized enterprises for over four decades. As an owner-managed consultancy, we understand exactly the concerns and processes of a company. We like to think strategically, solution-oriented and always looking ahead. Our motto is always: "Our clients are at the center of everything we do."

Small and medium-sized companies are dynamic and challenging – and deservedly so

Small and medium-sized industry moves the German economy. Many of our clients operate internationally. And that's the reason things never come to a standstill at RSM DPI AG. We continue to develop in all areas – auditing and tax, legal and company consulting. The employees at RSM DPI AG stand for quality and not for just what's standard. The requirements of modern consulting  we meet them. That's another reason we are an integral part of the network of RSM Germany and RSM International today. Our team of experts utilizes the expertise and experience of more than 1,200 specialists throughout Germany.

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