Small, medium-sized and family companies – driving forces of the Germany economy

It is an undisputed fact that small and medium-sized companies are the driving force across all sectors of the Germany economy. The requirements for the qualified assistance of companies are correspondingly diverse. "Off-the-rack" concepts are no help here. RSM DPI accompanies small and medium-sized businesses as partners for all questions resulting on every aspect of the company and its owners.

Individual consulting at eye level

As this segment is influenced by people like no other, personal contact reflects plays a decisive role. We provide each company with its own individual contact, who is familiar with every detail of its business, structures and background and can assess development in an overall context. Entrepreneurs and consultants meet at eye level. And for special issues, experts can be called in at any time, who contribute their expertise in the team.

Sensitivity for family companies

The greatest possible virtuosity is required when consulting family companies. Nowhere else are the changes as diverse as they are in this industry. The experts at RSM DPI can assist our clients for whatever task is required. They act as company auditors and  consultants who are just as experienced in how to consult the family in their personal interests. They also support families as part of foundations and family office projects, assume positions in advisory and supervisory boards and are available as executors.

National competence team

The "Family Companies" competence team of RSM Germany groups partners and experienced consulting personalities with many years of experience in the comprehensive support of family companies. Through the continuous exchange of experience and focusing of activities on the concerns of families and their companies, RSM Germany makes a contribution to maintaining the stability of the most important pillar of the German economy. Experts at RSM DPI AG play a leading role in this network.

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